Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Giveaway #2

Hey everybody! First of all I want to congratulate (blogger username) Maria on winning the games. Now for my next contest:

Today I'm giving away a copy of Super Mario Bros./Duck hunt with an NES Zapper! Here's how you enter.

Entering contests is even easier now. All you need to do is follow my blog and comment saying you entered. From there I'll chose a random commenter, and send them a blogger message telling them that they won. Once again I'll pay for shipping, but you have to live in North America

Good luck and thanks for reading :D


  1. I have entered!

  2. I entered!!


  3. I entered.

  4. Fun idea. Just a suggestion: why not pay a visit to Past n Present games on McCleod avenue, and see if maybe theyd let you blog for them, (eg, review a different game in their 'bargain' case of NES games) or at the very least, let you put out business cards to your blog, to attract attention?
    They might say no...but they also might say yes!
    Good luck, I love my nintendo!