Friday, July 30, 2010

A Zelda Timeline EXISTS?!

Today I'm going to talk about an issue of huge debate in the Zelda universe. The Zelda timeline. There have been tons of Zelda timeline theories over the years, I personally never believed that one existed and they just made random games with the same characters, a similar objective, and different plots built around the basic Zelda structure. UNTIL TODAY!

 According to Eiji Aonuma a timeline does exist. In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, (basically Nintendo Power from the UK) he said "Yes, there is a master timeline but it is a confidential document! The only people to have access to that document are myself, Mr. Miamoto and the director of the title. We can't share it with anyone else!"

But what about all of the times Nintendo said that there wasn't a timeline? Were they just being tricky and keeping it under wraps? Or did they just never have a timeline and thought "Hey! Know what would be cool? I know that we've released fourteen Zelda games with no thought to how they fit together, but why don't we just say we have a timeline to make our fans happy." I'm hoping it's not the latter, but we'll see.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

3DS release date to be announced on September 29

Finally we're going to find out when it's going to be released. Hopefully soon. But I was just thinking about it and... doesn't that mean that Nintendo just released the date for the date that they will annouce the release date for the Nintendo 3DS? Ladies and gentlemen... we have a tongue twister.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 5 why?'s of Nintendo

Over the years Nintendo has nearly always been on top. Cutting edge technology, great games, you name it. Sometimes, however. They take being ahead of there time a bit too far and come out with something just... weird. So. Without further ado, here are the top five why's of Nintendo.

5. No backlight on the gameboy advance.

Now this isn't a huge why. That's why I put it at the bottom of the list. For me, I was quite disappointed. 2001 and you still don't have a feature that the game gear had in 1990? Give me a break.

4. The Adventure of Link.

Why a side scroller?! This game for me is kind of like Castlevania 2, Super Mario Bros. 2, Double Dragon 3, etc. A disappointing sequel to a great game. I'm not even saying that these are bad games. Just games that don't fit in.

3. Nintendo ads.

Some of these are just screwed up...

2. The design of the Super Nintendo in North america.

I think a lot of people might disagree with me on this one but... Why so ugly?

1. The virtual boy.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Can't really think of anything to post so instead I will leave you with the is picture I found on I thought it was pretty funny.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Princess Tomato In Salad Kingdom

Yes that is the real name. A few days ago I showed a few of my friends They weren't very interested until I clicked on the "P's" to show them the original Prince of Persia game. They didn't care about Prince of Persia, they cared about the game underneath. "Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom?! What kind of name is that? Click on it!" So I did. 

It's cheesy and obviously meant for seven year-olds or something, but it's actually a really well done game. Since then I've been playing it quite a bit. I haven't found an actual cartridge yet but I hope to find one soon. Apparently it's getting pretty rare.

Basically it's about some vegetable land where everyone lives happily... OR DO THEY?! Minister Pumpkin kidnaps Princess Tomato and steals the turnip emblem, then he takes them to a castle in Zucchini Mountain. Then sends he evil servants named "Farmies" to terrorize salad kingdom. Sir Cucumber must then save the Princess. That's the abridged version of the opening text.

The game plays kind of like a Text Adventure game, but you have a picture of where you are in the middle, and a list of commands on the sides like "MOVE" or "USE".  It works quite well. Basically the goal is to collect the right objects and use them at the right times. 

So in conclusion, I actually like this game. If you want to play it, click right
-->here<--. I also have a twitter now. If you want to follow me click
-->here<-- .

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ghosts N' Goblins Review

Hmm. This is an interesting game. It's definitely hard to review. Before you continue reading this, just click right ---> HERE <---.

Died? Of course you did. Now lets continue.

As you noticed, this game is friggin' hard. I honestly don't know how anyone can beat this game. But let's not focus on the impossibility of this game. How are the controls? Graphics? Plot? 

The controls are pretty good. There's nothing Cheetamen about them, the graphics are great for the time, and the plot... quoting from the box, "The beautiful princess is kid-napped. Her lover, the Knight in shining armor, armed with five different weapons to fight the enemy, sets out to rescue the beautiful princess." so basically it has the same plot as every NES game ever. 

Over all this game is decent. The only thing that really sets it apart from other games in the NES library is the difficulty. That being said, it's still a well put together game, just, like I said, impossible. So keep playing. If you actually manage to beat it, leave me a comment saying that you did. If you didn't, leave me a comment anyway. I like comments.


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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Killzone 2 first impressions

So a few days ago I started playing Killzone 2 for PS3. It's veery different from the games I normally play (it's not made by Nintendo), but so far I like it. Challenging, exciting, great graphics, interesting plot, all together it's just really well done. I just hope it lasts a decent amount of time and isn't one of those games that only lasts a few hours.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nintendo's Portables Part 2

The Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL. I am not going to write about all of them seperately since they're pretty similar.

At E3 2004 the Nintendo DS was revealed and it was a pretty big step up from the Gameboy Advance. It had two touch screens and much better graphics, it also... well, you've seen a nintendo DS before. I'ma big fan of the DS, it's definately one of Nintendo's better portable systems. The one thing I wish it had were better graphical capabilities. That's where the 3DS comes in.

The 3DS, I already talked about this in my Nintendo E3 post so I'll make this breif. I AM SO EXCITED! I think the first game I'll get for it is the Ocarina of Time game. Anyway, that's my post, hope you liked it, thanks for reading.