Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 5 hopes for the 3DS

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We know quite a few things about the 3DS. There are even more things that we don't know. Here are five things I'm hoping that the 3DS is going to be equipped with.

5. 3G

3G could be awesome... I think it's pretty easy to tell why.

4. No headaches.

For me it's not that big of a deal if you get a headache after an hour of playing or something seeing as you can just turn the 3D effect off for a little while, but if you got a headache after a half hour it could get pretty annoying. People at E3 did try it for about ten minutes though so at least we know that you can play headache free that long.

3. Great graphics.

Well so far they've looked pretty awesome. Here's a comparison and my oh my... Now keep in mind that the PS3/xbox 360 screen is a lot bigger than the 3DS so you can't really draw a fair conclusion. Still, I hope they end up looking this good in real life.

got this from 3DS blog by the way.
2. Virtual console.

The ability to download Gameboy games? Gameboy Color perhaps? Maybe even... Dare I say... Virtual boy?

1. A release date before christmas.

Everyone cross you're fingers!

So there's my list. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading :D

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