Thursday, June 3, 2010

The iPad

Yesterday I tried out an iPad for the first time. I know it came out like two months ago in the States but I'm from Canada so it just came out for us. Now that we have that out of the way, I will continue.

When I heard Apple was coming out with a touch screen tablet I was really excited, reeeally excited. I was hoping it would look something like these.

Then they presented it and it was... a big iPod touch. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I wish my ipod touch had a bigger screen but really? This was supposed to be epic! I really didn't see the point in getting one. Still, like I said, yesterday I tried one, and it was decent. No more no less. I loved the web browser, I though the e-book reader was alright but I would need to test it for more than ten minutes to really see how much it would strain your eyes, but over all I liked it. I wouldn't buy one, but I liked it. It someone walked up to me and said "Want a free iPad?" I would definitely say yes.
As for gaming on the iPad... well, I didn't love it. I believe I played RealRacing HD and Touch Grind. Now once again, I'm only writing this on about a ten minute test but it was not very good in my opinion. First of all, that whole tilt to steer thing works fine on an iPod, but on the iPad it's just awkward. Touch Grind wasn't bad, quite good actually. That being said, not at one point in playing did I think "This is almost as good as playing a Nintendo DS or PSP!". Puzzle games I imagine could be good, but that is about all I would actually like playing. 

Well that's all I felt like writing today, thanks for reading!

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