Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hello! My name is Micah and I am fourteen years old and this is my first post.

So yesterday I was googling E3 and getting pretty excited. Mainly to see what Nintendo has up it's sleeve. I mean, 3DS, vitality sensor, AND a new Zelda game?! I'm definitely expecting an awesome overload.

There is also Metroid: Other M That there going to show a bit more of. I've never really liked Metroid games that much but this one looks pretty good. I'm interested how to see if they can really pull off a first person shooter and side scroller in the same game.

Of course there are some pretty awesome things by Microsoft and Sony. Obviously Natal and Move. I am a little skeptical about Project Natal though, I mean, if it works the way they say it will I'll be blown away. If it turns out to be like the eye-toy, well, then let's just say I won't be blown away. As for the Move, I think it should be pretty cool. 

Sure it obviously copy's the Wii but once you can get over that it'll probably be like having a Wii with 1080p capabilities. You still wouldn't have any of the awesome Nintendo exclusive titles though.

In conclusion, I've started writing this blog because, maybe one day, if this blog becomes kind of popular-ish, I will be able to go to E3. I know that's crazy but hey, I can dream right?


  1. That's cool man; showin' love for the NES! Gotta respect the roots.

  2. Oops, that was supposed to go on the NES post you did.

  3. Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated!