Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So. Today I'll talk about the beginning. Well, kind of the beginning. The NES. I have a collection of NES games and like playing them just as much as any newer generation consoles. If you don't know what the NES is, it was Nintendo's first real gaming console to be released in North America. It single handedly revived the gaming industry. It was accompanied by some accessories like R.O.B. and the Light gun. R.O.B. Stands for Robotic Operating Buddy.
It was a robot that played video games with you. And no. It is not as awesome as it sounds. You press a button, the screen flashes, and you wait for your slow buddy to rotate, and finally press a button. The light gun was a gun (obviously) that you pointed at your T.V. to shoot things like Ducks, if you're playing duck hunt. It actually works quite well.

There were some fantastic games that were released too. First you have good games like Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda, and Bad games like Hydlide or Back to the Future. You have great games that weren't made by Nintendo like Blades of Steel, the Castlevania series, or Ninja Gaiden. Then there are games that didn't have Nintendo's seal of approval like Tengen's version of Tetris or Sunday Funday by Wisdom tree. Usually these games were horrible.

In my opinion, the NES is one of the best video game consoles of all time. I feel like it's the Beatles of gaming. Anyway. That's all I feel like writing about.
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